Photoreportage: Conservative Manifesto Launch Protests.

On Thursday the 18th of May the Conservative party launched their manifesto outlining the way in which they are to govern the United Kingdom, if they are to be re-elected on June 8th. The unlikely location for their launch was Dean Clough Mills, which is in the working class northern town of Halifax, currently represented by Labour MP; Holly Lynch.  Continue reading Photoreportage: Conservative Manifesto Launch Protests.


On-going Peacekeeping research can help end conflict in Myanmar


New research collected by a peacekeeping project could help international actors plan a sustainable intervention to help end the conflicts in Myanmar. In her research seminar at Leeds Beckett University, Dr Rachel Julian discussed how understanding the local knowledge harnessed in unarmed civilian peacekeeping can promote resilience against violence. Continue reading On-going Peacekeeping research can help end conflict in Myanmar

As Foodbank Usage Gets Higher, Tory Government Remain Silent

IMG_0735Latest food bank statistics released by The Trussell Trust have shown that over 1.2million food supplies were given out to people in crisis during April 2016 – March 2017 – over 430,000 of which went to children. This record high number indicates how the government are out of touch with the reality that people in Britain are getting hungrier, yet not many changes have been implemented to help. Continue reading As Foodbank Usage Gets Higher, Tory Government Remain Silent

Radio: David Cameron’s Legacy

David Cameron will go down in history as one of the most controversial prime ministers the United Kingdom has ever had. Entering once for the first time in 2010 and being re-elected with a vast majority in 2015, Cameron is ultimately the man behind the Brexit referendum, which caused the UK to leave the European Union Prof. Robert Theakston from the University of Leeds evaluates in the following interviews the political legacy of David Cameron and the difficult circumstances in which the current Prime Minister Theresa May has to operate in.
Max Mayr

Trump’s Climate Change Deletion Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

IMG_0305This week President Donald Trump has confirmed many fears by completely removing all traces of climate change from the official White House website. The website originally hosted numerous pages of content relating to the United States efforts in tackling climate change which has all swiftly been removed by the newly assembled Trump administration.

Continue reading Trump’s Climate Change Deletion Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Diplomats worried about Syria being another Libya

BESTPIX - Eastern Libya Continues Fight Against Gaddafi ForcesAt Leeds Beckett University, Dr. Jess Gifkins gave a talk on the findings of her research project that found that three elected members of the UN Security Council adopted a more “pragmatic” approach to Humanitarian Affairs in Syria than the five permanent members. It also indicated that diplomats were concerned that the decisions made in Libya would be replicated in the decisions for Syria. Continue reading Diplomats worried about Syria being another Libya

A break in the wall

Ben pic

Human rights diplomacy is putting pressure on North Korea to stop its nuclear program and improve its humanitarian situation. Past attempts by the international community to ensure the Pyongyang regime undergoes these reforms have failed, although slow changes from the international community appear to be happening. Continue reading A break in the wall