Trump’s Climate Change Deletion Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

IMG_0305This week President Donald Trump has confirmed many fears by completely removing all traces of climate change from the official White House website. The website originally hosted numerous pages of content relating to the United States efforts in tackling climate change which has all swiftly been removed by the newly assembled Trump administration.

Amongst the content removed was information regarding former President Obama’s success in developing the Climate Action Plan, a revolutionary proposal in tackling the growing issue of climate change. This swift removal of documents has led some to argue that it is a direct attack on the legacy of Barack Obama, in an attempt to cover up any success that he had. These claims seem dubious as Trumps has a history as an open climate change critic, on the 6th November 2012 the president took to the social media site Twitter to claim “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”.

The climate change information that was removed has been replaced by a document focussing purely on reducing the price of energy for citizens of the United States, without any consideration of the effect this with has on climate change or as Trump would put it ‘global warming’. These actions by the Trump administration come about despite pro-climate change evidence continually stacking up. Data released by leading climate scientists at NASA have revealed that 2016 continued to break numerous records relating to global surface area and arctic sea extent.

In an interview with The Independent, Dr. Crowther claimed that President Trump’s stance on climate change is devastating for humanity, this claim coming off the back of a publication in the Nature Journal put together by over 40 experts in the field of climate change. A spokesperson for the Centre for Climate Change Economics (The CCCEP) and Policy echoed Dr. Crowther’s concerns and told The Daily Bulletin that “If Mr. Trump continues to undermine the continual efforts of scientists in tackling climate change, then our planet is going to continue to suffer.”

The CCCEP, established in 2008, are a centre aiming to bring together the leading researchers on climate change and have published numerous reports on the effects of climate change, all of which being undermined by the actions and attitudes of the 45th President of the United States of America. This anti-science rhetoric adopted by Pres. Trump has led to 124,000 twitter users and over half a million Facebook users subscribing to March for Science. This public protest will take place on the 22nd April, which is also Earth Day and will be done so to display that an anti-science approach is not acceptable. A member of the organisation team, in an online interview, revealed to The Daily Bulletin that Mr. Trump and his administration are displaying scepticism towards things we accept as fact, one of those being that the earth is getting warmer.

Tom Denham

PHOTO Stella Taxidi



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